Signs You Had A Stroke And Might Not Know It



Our brain needs oxygen and blood so it could maintain its proper function.  If there is a blockage of the blood vessel leading to the brain, it will start to bleed and may result in hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, very dangerous conditions which in many cases are fatal.

Just like in the case of the other health problems, many people ignore the symptoms of stroke.

Stroke is a death-threatening condition which currently takes the 5th place on the list of most common deaths in America. So, in order to protect yourself, it is very important to learn how to recognize the early symptoms of stroke.

Headaches and migraines

If you are having a headache or a bad migraine for a longer period of time, you should consult your doctor immediately!

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A sudden onset of fatigue

Even though it is an overlooked symptom, extreme fatigue lasting for a long period can be a symptom of stroke. According to the American Stroke Association, you should follow the FAST acronym in order to recognize the symptoms of stroke.

The acronym stands for:

  • F face drooping on one side;
  • A arm weakness or numbness in one side of the body:
  • S speech difficulty. When a stroke occurs, the lack of blood supply to the brain may lead to slurred or garbled speech.
  • T time is crucial in cases of stroke. Call an ambulance immediately because in most cases this step is considered as the thin line between life and death!

Other signs of stroke you should pay attention to:

  • Vision problems in one eye
  • One of the most overlooked symptoms of a stroke is definitely a blurred vision or seeing double in one eye
  • Confusion and difficulty thinking

When a stroke occurs, the lack of oxygen and blood supply to the brain leads to an inability to think and speak properly and confusion.



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