6 Ways To Turn Off Your Weight Gain Hormones



Weight gain hormones make you gain a lot of weight. There are 7 different hormones related with weight gain, so you can really help yourself by controlling them once you understand their way of work.

6 powerful ways of how to control your weight gain hormones:


Consuming grains is connected to slowing down of the thyroid hormone production. If you manage to reduce the intake of grains, you will turn off weight gain and regulate your thyroid hormone levels.

When it comes to weight gain, the crucial factor is the thyroid gland, so make sure you check its function.

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Cortisol (stress hormone) is released in situations when we feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated. You must lower the cortisol level in your body because it dictates when you eat. Breathe deeply, go for a walk and relax your body!

Caffeine can also increase the level of cortisol, so try to reduce the intake!


Soy products can block the human normal estrogen in the body. These products contain phytoestrogen which increases body fat. Make dietary changes that will increase the production of leptin, the hormone that regulates satiety.


This is a part of the 6 ways to turn off your weight gain hormones. According to numerous medical as well as nutritional experts milk that animals provide is meant to raise their own young, but not HUMANS.

The consumption of animal products triggers early development in teenage boys and girls.


Sugar is present in almost anything. If you want to turn off your weight gain hormones, you must stop consuming it!


Make sure you stay away from high fat foods and increase the consumption of protein foods! Protein is another way to help you turn off your weight gain hormones!



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