Health Horoscope, What Your Sign Says About You


“What’s your sign?” used to be a cheesy pick line. Now science says your birth month can predict if you’ll get  prostate cancer, ADHD, a heart attack, and even whether or not you’re likely to bruise much. We have your health horoscope and how your birth month can play a role in your health.

January, March and April

You guys have higher incidents of heart problems. The theory is there is a lack of vitamin D during that time in infants and so that might play a role in developmental pathway and lead to heart disease down the line.


You’re prone to a malignant neoplasm of the bronchus and lung.


Autoimmune issues might plague you. People born in spring or in April will have a higher risk of auto immune conditions. So things like multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, /that might be linked to a lack of vitamin D during the moms third trimester of pregnancy.


The study showed that people born in May had the lowest overall risk of disease.


People born in June are at high-risk of pre-infarction syndrome.


July babies are at risk for asthma. A Danish study on asthma found that the peak risk was in the months (May and August) when Denmark’s sunlight levels are similar to New York’s in the July and October period.


A report in the Journal of Pediatric found that children born in August were 1.65 times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and 1.73 times more likley to be put on medication.


Keep your inhalers close because asthma is your Achilles heel. Infants that are exposed to cold weather and dust mites have an increased chance of developing asthma and so dust mites and cold weather are more prominent during that fall time.


People born in October are at higher risk for asthma and vomiting. October babies also have the highest risk for disease.


Science says Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders spikes among those born in November. Because they’re younger they’re a little bit immature and so they face some challenges in school and so they when they have those behavioral issues they’ll get a diagnosis of ADHD.


Forget red and green – you guys are mostly black and blue because you’re way more prone to bruising than the rest of us.

Keep in mind that researchers say your lifestyle has a lot more to do with your health than your birth month. Ultimately though, from the research that we do know, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and smoking status play a far more important role in someone’s health than their birth month.



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