Eliminate Head Lice Infection By Using This Cheap And Natural Method


Head lice infection is parents’ nightmare. Everyone is afraid of head lice and look for natural methods to eliminate them. Check this one out!

When the child gets head lice infection, parents go crazy. That’s because eliminating lice is not easy and it usually requires a lot of time, patience and money- something today’s parents don’t have.

That’s why parents need a quick, cheap and natural solution in order to save their kids from the anguish and irritation. Lice cause unbearable itching on the scalp, which can lead to scars and pain.

Not only lice are so annoying but also they are extremely difficult to remove. This is because they spread super fast; they spread their nits all over the roots of the hair and you need a lot of patience to remove them.

Lice are actually super small insects, which are wingless and walk very fast; as soon as you spot one, you lose it with a blink. Moreover, they are contagious; if you even touch your child’s hair with your own hair, you might get lice infection as well. So, beware and stay away from your child’s hair until you completely get rid of them.

Furthermore, you should be careful when you leave your child in the kindergarten. If you notice that some other kid is rubbing their hair, warn the teacher and that kid’s parents. Lice spread very fast, and they can cause an epidemic.

What’s more, as we mentioned, getting rid of lice is not easy. Stores offer lice removal solutions but they are ridiculously expensive and almost always ineffective.

Luckily, we have perfectly natural, cheap and easy solution for you. Use this method and your child will be lice-free in a matter of hours!

Eliminate lice infection with this method

The only thing you should buy extra that’s probably not in your home is lice comb. But if your kid has had lice once so far, you probably even have lice comb at home.

Anyway, you’ll also need white vinegar, few towels and plastic bags and Listerine mouthwash. Make sure you prepare everything before you proceed.

The method

First, you’ll need to wash your child’s hair with the mouthwash, making the hair completely wet. Next, you’ll need to cover the hair with plastic bag and leave it on the hair for one hour.

After that remove the bag and wash the hair with white vinegar. Cover once more and leave the plastic bag on the hair for one hour.

Finally, you should remove the bag and wash your child’s hair with a regular shampoo, so it smells nice again.

Now that you’ve finished washing, start combing the hair with the lice comb. Make sure that you comb the hair on the sink so that no lice or nit escapes. The vinegar is great for eliminating nits while the mouthwash helps in getting rid of lice. Lice don’t stand the smell of it and they always stay away from it.

You’ll notice that your child is not rubbing the hair anymore. Just in case, you could repeat the method the next day. As precaution, spray your child’s hair with Listerine before going to school – in that way, you will keep the child away from additional lice spreading in case it gets in touch with another child that has lice.



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