Cure A Urinary Tract Infection In A Completely Safe And Effective Way


Urinary tract infection can be difficult  and unpleasant to treat. More prone of getting this infection are women rather than men.

When antibiotics fail to cure this infection it may lead to kidney damage. Another damage is that antibiotics themselves help on one hand, but they also kill good bacteria.

This infection is a great danger to pregnant women, since it can result with premature birth.

Since this infection becomes more resistant to antibiotics and other medication, you need to start turning to your immune system.

You can affect this infection by using home remedies such as grapefruit seed treatment.

The oil and grapefruit seed

Researchers have found that grapefruit seed has many benefits in treating these infections. In some cases they prove better than medication . They have also discovered that it can also prevent further bacteria development.

So in the right amount of doses, grapefruit seed can prove highly sucsessful in fighting bacteria in our bodies.

They used a transmission electron microscope and examined the favorable activity of these seeds only 10 years sgo.

They discovered that the extract from the grapefruit seed ,even in small, diluted doses, goes through the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane – discharging  its inner structure rapidly within 15 minutes. They discovered that with this the growth and development gram-positive and some of the gram-negative bacteria was prevented by the extract.

This only goes to show that these seeds are more effective than antibiotic therapies. On the plus side they also act as antifungal agents.

In conclusion these seeds are a cheaper and  better option than the antibiotics who can be unsafe,unsuccessful and expenssive.

To rip the benefits of these seeds just consume them for 2 weeks and add grapefruit to your diet.



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Written by Martin

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