If You Notice These 5 Signs You’re At Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Stroke


Cardiovascular disease and stroke don’t happen out of nowhere. If you notice these 5 signs, you better see a cardiologist immediately!

Cardiovascular diseases show signs way before they actually develop. Your body always warns you when something is not functioning well. That goes for diseases in general; however, when something is wrong with your heart, the signs should be noticed on time.

These signs appear when there’s an artery blockage and the flow of oxygen to a particular section of your heart is impeded. This causes the heart attacks; if not noticed on time and if the artery is not put in function immediately, you’ll probably experience a heart attack or a stroke.

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you notice this signs as they show up hours or days, sometimes even weeks before it actually happens. But, for you to notice them, you should first know them.

Male and female cardiovascular disease and stroke symptoms are different, but we’ll show you the 5 symptoms they have in common.

5 cardiovascular disease and stroke symptoms


When there’s no proper blood flow due to narrowed arteries, your body is weak. When you notice body weakness and fatigue, don’t ignore it; it might actually prepare you for what’s coming.

Flu or cold-like symptoms

In addition, you feel body weakness when you’re about to get a flu or a cold. The weakness is accompanied with vomiting, nausea, runny nose or cough. People who have experienced stroke or heart attack claim that they all had these flu or cold-like symptoms before the event.

Cold sweats and dizziness

Moreover, cold sweats and dizziness are also cold-like symptoms that would never make you think of heart attack or flu; you’d instantly conclude that you’re having a cold. However, these two symptoms show poor circulation and lack of blood supply to your brain.

Shortness of breath

Again, due to the lack of oxygen to the brain, you’ll experience shortness of breath. This is because your lungs don’t get the necessary oxygen to do their function properly. Your lungs and your hearth work together; when one is not functioning properly, the other one suffers.

Pressure in the chest

Now, this must be the most obvious sign that you’re about to experience some cardiovascular problem. The pressure can spread from the chest, through the shoulders into the arms and back. Beware if you experience this and contact your doctor right away!



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