Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately


Doctors advise you to quit giving your children hot dogs! Hot dogs are the favorite food of millions of people, especially in America where they are all around us and are even sold at sporting events and festivals.

Around 155 million hot dogs are consumed on every 4th of July in America. That is a big amount.

Experts connect the developing of leukemia with hot dogs and it is confirmed that children which eat hot dogs have bigger risk for cancer.

Studies have now also shown that pregnant women who eat a single hot dog per week are likely to give birth to a child that will develop a brain tumor.

The reason for these severe adverse effects from the consumption of hot dogs lies in nitrite additives, which are added in their production in order to prevent botulism.

Through the cooking process of hot dog, the amines and nitrates are combined. The amines are present in the meat natural to for the N-nitroso, and it is a very carcinogenic compound.

We must try to avoid this food and protect ourselves and our families from different diseases.



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Written by Martin

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