Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In Silver Glass



When a new baby comes home for the first time, he/she is usually showered with gifts in silver. Below mentioned are the medicinal health benefits of drinking water in the glass silver

Free of Bacteria

Silver is 100% free of bacteria. It is therefore advisable to give food and drinks for babies covered. Because it is free of bacteria, do not need to sterilize by boiling the container in hot water.

Only a regular washing and rinsing in hot water is sufficient. It is fairly easy to maintain than stainless steel utensils or baby accessories supply.

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All medications and home remedies for babies is supposed to give one silver ‘paladai “or” sangu’ because it has anti-bacterial properties.

Boosts immunity

It is said when you have warm food or warm in a metal to melt it and infuse the food we eat. Anti-bacterial silver be help boost immunity in this way.


Silver has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and.

Non toxic

Silverwares are not toxic in nature, because it kills a wide variety of bacteria as well.

Beneficial in infections and conditions respiratory frees air passages so allows more efficient flow of oxygen to the lungs. Many respiratory infections are caused by bacterial, viral and fungal infection in the lungs, and silver water can inhibit their growth.

Retains and restores the freshness of water and liquids

For silver was used in ancient times, keep the water fresh. Even the wines were stored in jars of silver that do not deteriorate and preserve freshness.

Even today many water purifiers have silver in it due to the aforementioned property.

Cools down the body

Silver has the additional advantage of cooling the body. That is why most chains and anklets used are made of silver.



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