A Silent Killer In Your Kitchen, It Holds Bacteria And Harmful Chemicals



You can find conventional spices in almost every kitchen. However, these spices contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colors and GMOs.

Thomas Fricke, the president and co-founder of Fores Trade, an organic spice company in Vermont states that almost all of these conventional spices which are sold in the USA are packed with harmful chemicals that are even prohibited in Europe.

This contamination of spices occurs in the process of distribution, storage or sale. This contamination can be a result from rodent hair, insect parts and feces. In order to remove these yummy ingredients, the producers of these conventional spices sterilize the spices with harmful chemicals, such as ethylene oxide. This substance can cause genetic mutation and chromosomal damage and further on can cause cancer.

The Environmental Protection Agency of America claims that ethylene oxide in humans can lead to eyes irritation and mucous membrane, depression, improper functioning of the nerves and brain. It can also increase the risk of stomach cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia and cancer of the pancreas. However, this information is inconclusive and limited because of the uncertainties in the studies. According to EPA, this is Group 1, most harmful human carcinogen.

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In the process of sterilization, a food irradiation takes place. This is a process of killing bacteria and many contaminants with the process of radiation. On one side this radiation reduces the bacteria while on the other side, it reduces the amount natural enzymes and vitamins.

This irradiation alters the chemical content of the spice thus causing carcinogenic food products and increase your exposure to free radicals. They can cause numerous diseases and aging, important reasons why you should not use such conventional spices.

Many spices are high in monosodium glutamate, a potent carcinogen, killer of brain cells and endocrine disruptor that can also cause develop kidney problems, cardiac problems, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and some neurological disorders. It can also cause migraines, inflammation, cell damage, obesity and many other conditions.

Sometimes, you won’t find this substance as MSG, but a hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, sodium caseinate, autolyzed yeast and textured protein.

Also, most of the spices have free glutamate, the same substance as MSG.

Conventional spices can be packed with:

-Anti-caking properties that prevent clumping

-Artificial flavors

-Artificial colors

-Corn derivate and GMO soy


Always choose organic spices.

The organic ones do not have any synthetic anti-caking agents, fillers, flavors. Artificial colors and preservatives that are present in the conventional spices. They are also free of GMO ingredients and are not irradiated.



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