Natural Cure For Keloids And Scars



The keloids are visible scars that are skin deep but many people dislike them even though they are just skin deep.  Do not be ashamed of scars anymore. You can try many natural solutions for this matter that you can find in health shops or the kitchen.


And you must be patient! Do not hesitate to try nature for this issue, also you will save money!

If the scar is still fresh and young, it is the best time to start treating it fast and make sure it is clean, not too dry, not too moist and with proper coverage.


This mix sounds like a sizzling mix but that is good and the skin is not harmed. The baking soda is found in the blood too, just a little bit, for the good pH balance on a cell level. Make a paste of these and get a good antiseptic ointment that is really cheap. It depends how sensitive your skin is, so hold it on the skin just 10 minutes, then wash with mild soap.


This is used for cleaning in the house too, surfaces and materials as well and also for removal of strange smell of skin and hair. The vitamin C in the lemon is in good amounts, but other produce has this too; chili, red bell peppers, berries, kiwi, leafy greens and guava. Combine all of these with concentrate of vitamin C like pills and make a paste. This makes more collagen and fights acne same as spa treatment.


You will not think of this right away but it is good. It is really underrated of all oils of veggies and is good for acne scars, other scars too and for the tone of skin. It is a great oil and is antiseptic, disinfectant, antioxidant and fights cancer too. it can act as diuretic as well. You can eat it or use it topically and it can cure issues like ulcers, acidity, stomach issues and digestion improving. Just massage some drops of this oil on the skin area 5-10 minutes daily, twice.


A popular and fragrant oil, with gentle smell and especially good for pregnant women. It stops scars to form on the belly and stops hyper-pigmentation too. It is used in many ways of healing and stops even mild pain. It can even cleanse the gentle skin parts in the mouth, so use it as mouthwash too or for douching.

Massage a few drops on the scars and do this 2 times per day.


A good antiseptic and great for oral care too. It is useful for gastritis and ulcer cases but also for wound cleaning and when diluted with water it is a mouthwash. It is edible fully and used in both desserts and savory meals.

Get a cotton ball and dab some ACV in it. Also add some essential oil drops, whichever you choose, and apply on the scar. It is better just vinegar, but this is good as well, the oil will also aid in antiseptic effects and make the skin moistened and cleansed.


A proof that this can soothe burns and give the skin vitamin E and collagen too.

It lessens inflammation and removes bacteria too.



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