10 Things You Should Know About Our Blood Type


All people belong to some of the blood types, A, B, AB, or O, which is determined from birth.

Experts claim that every blood type has its own properties, shared by its members. This is a review of the most important characteristics of blood types:


Blood type and offspring

About 85% of people are Rh positive. Yet, if the woman is Rh negative and the man who she conceives with is Rh positive, there is an increased risk that their child will develop some health issue.

Blood type and illnesses

Depending on the health issue or condition, every single blood type can be less or more susceptible to it so you should find out your own risks and try to reduce them.

Blood type and personality

The personality of people is also influenced by their blood type. For instance, blood type O- members are outgoing, self-confident, creative, and like to spend time with people, while the ones who have blood type A people are peaceful, artistic, and trustworthy.

Individuals with blood type B are strong, independent, and work to achieve their goals, and AB individuals are responsible, care for others, shy, and reliable.

Blood type and nutrition

You should know your blood type in order to know the foods which are beneficial for your health, and which ones to avoid. Therefore, blood type A individuals should avoid meat and focus on vegetables.

People with blood type O should consume more proteins in the form of fish and meat, and the ones with AB blood type should focus on lean meat and seafood. Finally, those ones who belong to the type B should avoid chicken meat and consume more red meat.

Blood antigens

Blood antigens can be present in the blood, digestive tract, lungs, and nostrils, in the mouth and the colon.

Blood type and stress

Individuals with blood type O have an increased adrenalin level, and easily get angry, and need more time to relax after a stressful situation than others.

Blood type and weight problems

The blood type can also determine if one will have a belly fat or not, as blood type, 0 people are more susceptible to it, and with blood type A do not suffer from such issues in general.

Blood type and pregnancy

The women who belong to the blood type AB conceive much easier than others, as they have a reduced production of follicle- stimulating hormone.

Blood type and workout

People with blood type B enjoy challenges in their life, and they should try some activities which support the spiritual and physical balance, and they can especially benefit from martial arts, tennis, and mountain climbing.

Blood type and emergencies

In case you ever need a blood transfusion, you should always carry some kind of personal info regarding your blood type with you to save the valuable time in emergency cases.



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