6 Stretches You Should Do Before Getting Out Of Bed



The first thing that we do in the morning is planning and organizing our daily activities. However, we should focus on our body and mind instead, since this will bring our health at optimal level.

Randi Ragan who is an author and yoga teacher, says that it’s really important how you spend those few minutes before your running your errands.


We’ll give you a hand on this one. Try these simple stretches to tone your body. And yes, you can do these under the covers, too!

  1. Full-body stretch

Inhale, place your arms over the head, while clasping the fingers together. Overturn the palms towards the wall, then away from you. Keep your knees straight, and your toes stretched. Hold your body in this position for 5 seconds. Exhale, and relax. Do 3 repetitions. This stretch will free and relax your body.

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  1. Figure-four stretch

Bend your right leg, and cross the left foot over your right knee. That’s how you get the 4 done. Breathe deeply for 5 seconds, and switch legs. This stretch increases the lubrication in your joints and glutes.

  1. Bet-to-floor stretch

Set your feet on the floor, and bend your knees. Reach for the floor with your hands, hanging them over your knees. Stretch your head towards the floor as well. Count to 5, and relax. This is a nice way to wake up, and give your back a nice stretch, and your brain will get enough oxygen.

  1. Knees-to-chest stretch

Lay in your bend, and bend your knees. “Hug” your knees, while pulling them towards your chest. This stretch do wonders for your lower back, and it stimulates both your body and mind. Brooke Blocker, a yoga teacher, says that for optimal results, you should hold in this position for 10 seconds.

  1. Supine twist

Stretch your arms on the right side of your torso. Stretch your legs in the opposite direction. Keep your shoulders on the mattress. Hold in this position for 10 seconds, and switch sides. This stretch boosts circulation, and works on the spinal muscles.

  1. Seated forward bend

Sit on your bed, and stretch your legs. Inhale, exhale and reach for your toes. Inhale again, and stretch even more. Stretch your neck, too. Do 10 repetitions, and relax.

This stretch will prepare your body for your daily activities, especially if you have to sit for many hours. It will work on your hamstrings, spine, and pelvis.



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