Don’t Ignore This, It May Be The Hidden Reason Of Your Lower Back Pain


Do not ignore this! It may be the hidden reason of your lower back pain.

Pilonidal sinus appears at the beginning of the buttocks. It consists of waste constituents of skin and hair.The ingrown hair cause the formation of ulcers and inflammation.


What is pilonidal disease?

Men are affected by this disease in 90% of cases , especially those with expressed body hair in the lower back. The disease usually occurs during puberty when the growth of hair and the activity of the sebaceous gland is amplified.

Pilonidal disease (otherwise known as “Jeep driver’s disease”), or cyst is a chronic inflammation of the soft tissue above the buttocks crease. The most commonly manifested as strongly sore festeringhotbed (abscess) which locally is followed by:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • anguish
  • fever
  • cold
  • general weakness of the body

If left untreated can become chronic disease that develops gradually and exhausts the body.

Preventive measures in the initial stage:

Turmeric Firstly you should include turmeric in your diet. Start to add it to your dishes and it willprovide numerous other positive effects. Turmerichas been very successful in the treatment of manydifferent diseases.

In addition, you can also make a turmeric and water paste. Mix two tablespoons of turmeric and add little water to make a mixture, thick as paste. Apply the mixture through the inflamed area three times daily.

Heat The application of hot compress during the initial stages can reduce the growth of infection. The heat effectively increases blood circulation, thus, allowing better function of white blood cells to fightinfection.

Onions Onion has the best antiseptic properties compared to other vegetables. It helps accelerate the healing process. All you have to do is cut the onion into thick slices and put on the inflamed area. Coverwith a cloth and compresses, change them every 2-3 hours!

Note: Never try to self puncture sinus, because it may have exacerbated the situation and increase the intensity of infection.



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