Cheating Wife’s Secret Lover Got Stuck On A Window Ledge After Husband Comes Home Unexpectedly


The woman’s lover was forced to spend the night on a ledge, 7 storeys above the ground to avoid getting caught by the husband. He hid and got stuck behind two air conditioning units all night in a building located in Shishi, Fujian Province in China.


The woman brought her lover to the home she shared with her husband without expecting that he would come back earlier from a business trip. Afraid of getting caught, the cheating man managed to get out of the window just before the husband came into the bedroom.

It was only the following day when the husband left for work that the woman called the fire brigade to rescue him.

Fortunately he had already dressed himself and was about to leave when the woman’s husband came home, and she had managed to persuade him to scramble out the window.” said by a local fireman.

The lover initially said he doesn’t remember how he got stuck out on the ledge, but the woman eventually told the real story to the policeThe fire team had to go into the apartment building because the man was too high to be reached by a ladder.

A rope was attached to his waist and the firemen pulled him to safety.

A fire brigade spokesman said: “He had apparently been drinking a fair amount, and that probably gave him the courage to jump onto the ledge, but by the morning he realized it would be extremely foolish to attempt to climb back [into the flat].”

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