What Signs Your Body Sends With Increased Sweating


There are cases when regardless of the weather, whether it is cold or hot, you are dripping with sweat. In such cases what you need to do is listen to your body and understand what your body is trying to tell you with the excessive sweating.


Excessive sweating can be a sign that you are under stress. You can even recognize this by the smell of your sweat. If you are hot, then the endocrine glands, which are located throughout your body get activated and they produce sweat that is mainly composed of water and salt and has no pronounced odor.

And when you’re stressed the sweat is produced by the apocrine glands that are found only in certain parts of the body, like the armpits. You also need to know that in such cases the sweat is composed of fat and proteins, which are mixed with various bacteria in the skin, and thereby they are generating an unpleasant smell.

At this point you need to know that you are in danger of heat stroke, when you walk during the hot summer days, especially when you notice that you have stopped sweating and you are feeling dizzy. If you aver feel this, you should know that this is a sign that you have experienced Hypohidrosis state and that your body can “cool” itself by sweating. And if you do not drink water soon, you risk of experiencing a heat stroke.

If your blood sugar levels have dropped, then you should know that excessive sweating can be one of the symptoms of a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels. You can easily solve this problem by eating something sweet.

If you are in a menopause or are pregnant, then you have to pay lots of attention to perspiration, because all the processes in the body that affect the endocrine system can cause excessive sweating.

When you cannot find the cause of your excessive sweating, see your doctor immediately because you might be experiencing hyperhidrosis. At this point you need to know that hyperhidrosis is a situation when there is an excessive and uncontrolled sweating in moments when you should not be sweating at all, for example, when you sit perfectly still in a cold room.



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