Get Rid Of The Pain In The Ear Within 60 Seconds


When feeling ear pain, you are recommended to visit a doctor right away so that they can determine the exact cause of it.


Ear pain can often be unbearable, but it can be relieved and prevented by using some ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

One of these ingredients is apple acid, which has potent antibacterial properties that efficiently fight infections. Combine vinegar and alcohol in equal parts, then put five milliliters of this mixture in the ear using a pipette, and tilt your head sideways. Once you straighten your head back to normal position, the pain will be gone.

Do this twice per day.

This method will help you eliminate the excess wax from your ear and thus prevent infection. This is a natural remedy which will help you soothe the pain by cleansing your ear canal.

Another natural remedy.This recipe is 200 years old and it will help you relieve slight pain in the ear: Take a nut, and open it carefully using a knife. Remove the kernel from the shell in one half of the nut and fill it with oil.

Pour the heated hotplate watchfully and let it simmer for nearly one to two minutes, making sure that you do not spill oil. The nut shell will release iodine, which will bind with the oil and thus increase the healing effects of the heated oil.

Collect the oil using a syringe and gently drop it into the painful ear. Very soon, the pain will disappear.



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