Health Benefits Of Horned Melon, The Delicious Strange Looking Fruit


Horned melon is a delicious fruit which originates from Southern Africa, but nowadays it is also found in Australia and New Zeland. It is also known as Kiwano and it is extremely beneficial since it can prevent some types of chronic diseases, boost the metabolism, strengthen bones, increase eye health, helps in weight loss, speed up wound healing and protect the skin.


Its unusual appearance is the main reason why it is called “horned melon” because the outer layer of orange or gold skin is covered with small spikes. When it comes to the inside of the fruit, it has the gelatinous appearance of a kiwi. Its seeds contain numerous beneficial nutrients and organic compounds which is why the fruit is extremely healthy and beneficial for our overall health.

This fruit has the ability to retain significant amounts of water which is why it is vital in solving certain food shortage issues in sub-Saharan Africa when it is a dry season. Moreover, it can provide many essential nutrients to those who have limited access to food.

Horned melon health benefits:

-Weight Loss

People who want to lose some weight reach for kiwano in order to stave hunger because it contains more than 80% water and it is low in calories. Moreover, it will provide your body with high concentration of nutrients.

-Antioxidant Capacity

Kiwano contains high levels of alpha-tocopherol which is a potent antioxidant form of vitamin E. this is extremely important for the health of our blood vessels and nerves. Moreover, this potent antioxidant also has the ability to seek out and neutralize free radicals which cause cancer.

-Eye Health

Kiwano is also an important booster for vision health because it contains high levels of vitamin A which is a type of cartenoid and It acts as an antioxidant for our eyes. Moreover, it also help us eliminate free radicals which lead to macular degeneration and it slows and even prevents the development of cataracts.

-Cognitive Function

People who want to keep their mind fresh should definitely consume kiwano is it has many different nutrients that positively affect the brain.

-Metabolic Processes

Zinc plays a big role in the metabolism and in producing protein which is essential for wound healing and repair of organs, cells, blood vessels and tissues. Moreover, kiwano is also abundant in vitamin C which is the perfect complement to zinc.

-Aging Process

The consumption of kiwano can also help us stay young both inside and out since it can protect the integrity of the skin and reduce age spots and wrinkles. Moreover, it also has the ability to lessen the appearance of scars and blemishes.

-Stress and Anxiety

Make sure to eat some kiwano if you are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety because it will quickly ease your mind and get your body back to relaxed and calming state.

-Digestive Process

Kiwano will also help you improve your digestion since it is abundant in fiber. Dietary fiber Is extremely important for us because it actually helps us to stimulate peristaltic motion and clear out the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of that, our bowel movement will be balanced and it will also prevent constipation, bloating, cramping or even more serious health conditions such as gastric ulcers and colon cancer. Moreover, dietary fiber is also essential for our cardiovascular health because it has the ability to regulate the levels of cholesterol in the body.

-Bone Strength

The consumption of horned melons will also help you boost your bone strength and prevent the development of osteoporosis because it is high in mineral content, particularly of calcium.


The consumption of bitter forms of kiwano, before they are ripe can cause several health issues such as stomach issues, fevers and headaches, and it’s all because they contain dangerous levels of chemicals.



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