See What Happens When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach


Every morning Japanese people drink a glass of water. Several studies have shown the benefits of this habit. This morning routine has healing effect and provides positive results regarding various diseases.


It is proved that drinking water on an empty stomach can be extremely helpful in treating numerous diseases, including: headache, pain in any part of the body, cardiovascular disorders and diseases, tachycardia, epilepsy, increased blood fat levels, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney and urinary tract diseases, vomitting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, constipation, eye and vision problems, uterine diseases, menstrual disorders, diseases and conditions effecting the ear, nose, and throat.

Treatment Methods

• When you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink 640 ml of water (4x160ml)

• Brush your teeth, but do not eat nor drink anything in the next 45 minutes

• After 45 minutes you can have your breakfast

• After breakfast, lunch and dinner, do not eat nor drink anything in the next 2 hours

• Older and sick people who are unable to drink 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach should start with the amount of water their body can accept, until they get used to the recommended amount, and increase the dose every day until they get to the necessary 640 ml of water.

This method will help you treat any health condition you may have, and healthy people, on the other hand, would enjoy the energy this routine provides.

How Many Days Should The Treatment Take?

• High blood pressure — 30 days

• Gastritis — 10 days

• Diabetes — 30 days

• Constipation — 10 days

• Tuberculosis — 90 days It would be great if drinking water becomes your life lasting routine. In that way you will be healthier and full of energy.


People diagnosed with arthritis should apply this method in the first three days of the week only, then make a break for a week, and start again, but this time every day of the week. This treatment will not have any side effects, except the frequent urination. So, drink water every day and exercise!



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