How To Identify Rice That Contains Plastic, Everyone Should Know This


China is the biggest maker of rice on the planet and it is a reality everybody knows. It delivers more than 200 million tons of rice every year. Various markets far and wide offer an extraordinary piece of this rice, at the same time, other than the these days cutting edge times loaded with leafy foods bounteous in chemicals and pesticides, another “The Korea Times” report asserts that Chinese rice is really a simulated item made of plastic! This frightening data has begun spreading all over the place, so in our article we’ve chosen to advise you how to distinguish rice that is really plastic!


They make this sort of rice by blending potato starch with plastics which is then shaped into rice portions and steamed with a rice smell. Specialists have as of now researched it and they are currently cautioning that lone 3 bits of the fake rice contain more plastic than somewhat plastic pack, which is very disturbing!

Here we’re exhibiting you some shabby and simple traps that will help you recognize plastic rice!

The water strategy

Pour a tablespoon of new rice in chilly water and watch: if the rice remains at the surface, it’s certainly fake!

The fire test

Lit a portion of the rice you purchased using a lighter.If it smolders and possesses a scent reminiscent of plastic, discard it instantly!

The mortar and pestle test

Smash a few rice grains with the assistance of a mortar and pestle. If they’re lessened to white powder, the rice isn’t fake, in any case, in the event that you see a light-yellow staining in the mortar, it’s fake without a doubt!

The form test

This is the most ideal approach to distinguish rice! Put a modest bunch of cooked rice in a compartment and abandon it in a warm place for 2 days. If the rice gets to be distinctly rotten following 2 days, then it’s natural. Plastic rice will be free of form following 2 days!

In this way, the accompanying time you purchase rice, attempt these traps and recognize it for yourself! You’ll certainly realize what you and your family are eating!



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