This Green Herb Could Be The Cure To 5 Different Types Of Cancer Cell Including Ovarian, Liver, Lung And Melanoma



Have you heard of Moringa? The health community is showing a great interest about this plant. Namely, this green herb could be the cure to 5 different types of cancer, including ovarian, liver, lung and melanoma.


Also called drumstick or Malunggay, moringa trees have been widely used in South Indian delicacies due to their unique taste and texture.

Moringa oleifera is a tree native to Northern India and can be found throughout the tropics. Its leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds and root have been widely used as a part of traditional medicine throughout the history, and the Ayurveda medicine claims that this plant is extremely effective in treating over 300 diseases.

The small, rounded leaves of the Moringa have rich nutritional profile: protein, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and many others. So, you shouldn’t be surprised of the fact that this plant has been used medicinally (and as a food source) for at least 4, 000 years.

Moringa is used for “tired blood“ (anemia), arthritis and rheumatism, asthma, cancer, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal ulcers and intestinal pain, headache, heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney stones; fluid retention; thyroid disorders; and bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections.

Moringa is also used due to its ability to decrease swelling, acts as an aphrodisiac, prevent pregnancy, improves immune system, stimulates breast milk production. It is also used as a nutritional supplement or tonic.

Moringa plant can successfully treat digestive problems due to its rich fiber content, essential for eliminating the excess waste from the intestines. The isothiocyanates found in this plant provide anti-bacterial properties, essential for eliminating the H. Pylori bacteria, which is the main cause of ulcers, gastritis and gastric ulcers.

You can apply Moringa directly on the skin since it acts as a germ-killer or drying agent (astringent). It is also used topically in the treatment of pockets of infection (abscesses), athlete’s foot, dandruff, gum disease (gingivitis), snakebites, warts, and wounds.

Moringa seeds oil is used in foods, perfume, and hair care products, and as a machine lubricant.


Moringa is loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals. It also has rich antioxidant content, essential for protecting cells from damage.


  • 12 times more vitamin C than oranges;
  • 17 times more calcium than milk;
  • 10 times more vitamin A than carrots;
  • 25 times more iron than spinach;
  • 15 more potassium than bananas;
  • 9 times more protein than yogurt

According to a recent study, consuming 7gr. Of moringa leaf powder for 3 months can lead to significant reduction in blood sugar levels ( 13.5% to be exact).

This plant provides strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties due to the niaziminin, a compound found in the moringa leaves.

This plant has the ability to regulate the thyroid function, even if the thyroid is hyperactive.

Moringaoleifera has been available on the market in the last decade, even though has been known to traditional medicine for centuries. Even though Moringa is being cultivated on a large scale around Asia, Africa, the Caribbeans and Central America, still its native country is India. The cancer-fighting properties of moringa can be easily perceived only by the looking at the cancer rates of the countries like United States and Canada where the cancer rate is 3 times higher than India.



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