8 Signs You May Have A Blood Clot



The body stops bleeding through blood clotting. We have all seen them in a form of bruises and scabs. However, the blood clots may appear when they are not supposed to, causing strokes, heart attack, or other serious medical issue.


See these symptoms which show that someone is experiencing dangerous blood clot:

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  • Leg pain or tenderness– this is a common symptom of DVT and the pain is sometimes described as a cramp or Charley horse.
  • Unexplained cough – if in case you cough for no particular reason you need to pay to your heart rate, chest, and breath. Call your doctor immediately.
  • Breath shortness – if in case you have issues taking deep breaths, then you may have blood clot in your lungs. You may also experience fluttering in the chest, dizziness, or a racing heart. Seek immediate attention.
  • Chest pain with deep breathing – if in case you experience these symptoms together you may be experiencing blood clots in your lungs. You have to seek immediate medical attention if this happens as it may turn to fatal.
  • Red streaks on your skin – a bruise is a form of blood clot, but in case you notice red streaks running along the length of your veins, then this is not a normal bruise, thus you have to seek immediate attention. These streaks make the limb feel warm to the touch.
  • Swelling in the limb – this kind of blood clot is known as a deep vein thrombosis and it prevents blood flow in the circulation system. This is dangerous as it prevents oxygen from reaching the vital organs.

Blood clot can be fatal, so if in case you see someone experiences these symptoms, you should better call emergency, or take the person to the nearest hospital.



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