12 Health Benefits Of Lemons And Limes That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet


As you all know, lemon and limes are a rich source of vitamin C and they derive from citrus family. Besides being rich in vitamin C, they also contain numerous other minerals beneficial for our overall health.


The important thing here is that when you ingest them, they have an alkaline effect on your body. Moreover, lemon peel contains an essential oil called limonene.

The Nutritional Benefits of Lemon and Lime

Both lemon and lime are abundant in limonene, vitamin C, flavonoids, phytochemical and vitamin B6. Limonene is extremely beneficial since it is able to promote the production of enzymes that have anti-cancer properties and which detoxify carcinogens.

The Health Benefits of Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes can fight bacteria in the body since they are packed with antibiotics. Moreover, they have potent anticancer and antioxidant properties as well. In this article, we will present you some of the health benefits of lemons and limes:

  1. Gain relief from cholera

Due to their antiviral properties, both lemons and limes can help you to kill the cholera bacilli virus. all you have to do is to drink a cup of lemon or lime juice on a regular basis. Moreover, you should also try to drink equal amounts of water.

  1. Relieve your burning heel and soles of your feet

If you are dealing with painful feet, heels or sores, try to rub a slice of lemon on the affected area in order to relieve your burning heel and soles. Furthermore, you can also use it to eliminate the toxins from your feet pores.

  1. Fight common cold with lemon and lime

As we already mentioned, lemon and lime have anti-viral properties which will help you treat cold, so in order to achieve that, just mix 2 fresh lemons in a half a liter of warm water. You can also add raw honey for a better taste. Moreover, it will boost your immune response as well.

  1. Reduce frequency of heartburn

In order to relieve a heartburn, you should mix 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed undiluted lemon or lime juice in a glass of water.

  1. Treat Asthma

To relive the symptoms of asthma, you should consume 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 1 hour before each meal.

  1. Relieve your constipation issues

In order to get an instant relief from constipation, prepare a mixture with lemon or lime and a glass of warm water. Add some natural raw honey if you want to sweeten it. Make sure to drink it before breakfast, and this beverage will detoxify your body as well.

  1. Improve your digestion

The combination of lemon or lime with water will help you prevent the feeling of bloating and belching and will also provide relief from indigestion.

  1. Relax and soak your feet

In order to feel an instant relief and get a good night’s rest, prepare a solution of lemon or lime and warm water and soak your feet in.

  1. Take care of inflammatory disorders

The consumption of both lemon and lime will help you prevent arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. Moreover, it will also help you prevent the buildup of uric acid in the body’s tissues and as a result of that, it will reduce the risk of gout.

  1. Nourish your skin

If you have dry and scaly skin, just rub a lemon peel on your skin in order to make it softer.

  1. Reduce swollen gums

In order to get a relief from your swollen gums, prepare a mixture with freshly squeezed and diluted lime juice and drink it immediately. Moreover, to relieve the swelling you should use the albedo which is the white flesh under the peel of lemon or lime.

  1. Relieve you sore throat problems

Gargle a mixture of lemon juice with warm water in order to provide a relief from a sore throat.

Juicing Tips

Make sure to use the whole fruit together with its peel when preparing lemon or lime juice. Another important thing is to buy 100% organic fruits and wash them thoroughly. In that way, you will obtain all the nutrients from the fruit. The limonene is included in the part under the peel, the white part of the fruit.

Another great solution is to pour lemon and lime in an ice cube tray and put it in the refrigerator. Do not keep them more than 2 weeks since they will lose their potency and taste.

Note: You should stop using these citrus fruits if you notice that you have an allergic reaction to them.



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