12 Early Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer That Mans Should Never Ignore


Prostate cancer is a common disease in men with symptoms that rarely appear in the early stages. This makes the disease hard to discover until it’s in an advanced stage, with very low chances of survival. As a preventive measure, men are advised to check their prostate every year.


Although hard to diagnose, prostate cancer exhibits some well-known symptoms:

  1. Urination problems
  2. Frequent urination (especially overnight)
  3. Problems with urination or holding back
  4. Weak urine stream; inability to complete urination
  5. Pain or burning sensation during urination
  6. Blood in the urine
  7. Blood in the sperm
  8. Ejaculation problems
  9. Pain in the hips, thighs or lower back
  10. Pelvic distress
  11. Bone torment
  12. Erectile dysfunction

If you have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately. He will probably send you to a specialist for some tests.

All of this needs to be done immediately after you notice the symptoms. As we already said, prostate cancer is hard to diagnose and it’s often diagnosed when it’s already too late. Taking annual prostate check-ups are the best way to make sure you’re safe from prostate cancer. Of course, you also need to adjust your diet and exercise more.

The symptoms we mentioned are not always linked with prostate cancer – some of them can be a sign of a urinary tract or prostate infection, but they should never be ignored.



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Written by Martin

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