Watch How Your Kidneys Stones Coming Out With This Amazing Home Remedy



Kidney stones are common health issues and one in every 20 people develops them at some point in their life. They are a crystalline mineral material which forms in the kidney or urinary tract. One of the major causes for kidney stones is dehydration and decrease in urine volume. People who suffer from this issue can experience a severe pain and blood in the urine.


The kidneys are one of the most important organs, whose function is to eliminate all the toxins and the excess salt from the body. Therefore, cleansing the kidneys is crucial so they can function properly. The cleansing process will prevent toxin and salt accumulation and eliminate the already formed harmful compounds.

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  • a handful of coriander or parsley leaves
  • water

How to make and use:

First, chop the leaves of the parsley in large pieces. Next, put them in a pot and pour water so you can cover them. Boil the ingredients for 10 minutes and leave it to cool. When it is cooled, strain it and refrigerate it.

You should drink one cup of this remedy on a daily basis. After several days you will notice how the color of your urine has changed due to the cleaning process.

Moreover, you can also make a tea from the same ingredients. For this purpose, boil the ingredients and let them stay for 30 minutes. Then, drink this tea for two times on a daily basis for a course period of one month.

Besides cleansing the kidneys, this remedy is excellent for soothing menstrual cramps and pain. The parsley is an excellent antioxidant which regenerates the kidney function. The mineral content in parsley strengthens the kidneys and removes the toxins from them. Moreover, it boosts the immune system and naturally eliminates the fluids from the body.


If you suffer from kidney stones, you should follow these tips:

  • Drink plenty of fluids and avoid dairy products.
  • Reduce your intake of processed foods.
  • Replace animal protein with vegetable sources.
  • Remove salt, sweets, and alcohol from your meals.



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