Improve Your Blood Count With This Elixir Bomb, You Will Surprise Yourself


This vitamin bomb or a healing elixir is very good and proven medicine to increase hemoglobin, raising the level of blood cells and improve overall blood count. Do it immediately, other than it is super healthy, very tasty!


Recipe for natural elixir to improve blood counts

For the preparation of this natural drug – vitamin bomb, you need:

-200 ml honey
200 g walnut kernels
200g raisins
-200 ml of carrot juice
-200 ml of beetroot juice
-2 lemons

How to make:

Wash 2 lemons.
Divide them in half and remove pits.
Grind the peel (if sprayed – remove the peel) and place in a glass jar of a liter.
In the mixture of minced lemon, add honey, squeezed juice from beet juice squeezed carrot. Stir.
After this mixture add finely chopped or ground walnuts and raisins. And again all mix well.
You will get 1 kg of tasty and very healthy mineral composition.
Store in a glass jar refrigerator.
Take three times a day 1 tablespoon before eating.

It can be used as long as you want. There are no side effects, other than an increase in energy. After a week or two of consumption, check your blood count – and be pleasantly surprised!



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Written by Martin

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