How Much Sleep You Need According To Your Age, Reason 6 Is Very Important


It is a well known fact that a good night’s rest is extremely important for our overall health. Moreover, proper sleeping will help us be more productive during the day and we will finish our obligations without any problems. We all should get a good night’s rest, especially people who are dealing with chronic diseases. Another very important thing is to know how many hours we should sleep according to our age. However, this is also different for different people.


Note: The National Institute of Sleep presented the following infographic which will show you how much sleep you actually need. Due to the fact that this is the total sleep you will get throughout a 24-hour period, even a 30 minute nap will be counted as well.

Lack of sleep is very dangerous because it can lead to numerous health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. this is the main reason why you should change your habits if you have sleeping problems, or you should also use some homemade remedies which will help you sleep better at night.

Here are 7 reasons why you should pay close attention to your sleeping habits:

  1. Depression

Depressed people either sleep all the time or suffer from insomnia. Around 15% of people dealing with depression are sleeping all the time, which can have negative impact on the mental health and hamper the recovery.

  1. Headaches

Chronic sleeping leads to chronic headaches. Moreover, it also damages certain neurotransmitters like serotonin which leads to poor quality of sleep during the night and headaches during the day.

  1. Diabetes

Oversleeping can cause type 2 diabetes because it reduces the ability of your body to process glucose. According to a study, people who sleep less or more than the recommended time, usually develop impaired tolerance to glucose and diabetes compared to those who sleep normal.

  1. Back pain

People who oversleep are more prone to back pain because it weakens the muscles on your back and as a result of that, you won’t be able to move or stand up. Make sure to be more physically active to prevent this problem.

  1. Obesity

Oversleeping can cause obesity because staying for too long in bad will mix your metabolism, so instead of using energy, you will store it. According to a recent study, participants who slept for ten hours a night were more likely to become obese 6 years afterwards than those who slept 8 hours.

  1. Heart disease

The Nurses’ Health study examined the sleeping habits of 72,000 women, and the results showed that those who slept for 11 hours, were more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease than those who slept for 8 hours.

How to overcome oversleeping:

Make a Sleep Schedule –you should make your own schedule according to your lifestyle. Another important thing is to unplug all the devices at least one hour prior to sleeping. Moreover, you should also practice yoga or meditate.

Shower –Every time you feel sleepy, just take a cold shower. Even if you want to increase the heat, this will make you sleepier.

Work out – in order to be ready for the upcoming day, make sure to exercise right after you wake up because it will clear your mind and boost your energy levels as well.

Drink water –in order to stay hydrated, make sure to drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning. You should also drink water every time you feel sleepy because it will increase your energy levels.

Maintain your motivation –simply find an interesting activity and adhere to it. As a result of that, you will stay motivated and avoid sleeping as an escape from your life.



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