Clean Your Arteries From Toxins, Chemicals And Fats With This Homemade Recipe


We are going to show you a drink that is totally natural and healthy. It can do wonders.

It can clean your arteries from toxins, chemicals and fats. It can protect you and prevent cold and flu attack your organism.


The drink is so powerful it can change your blood circulation, boost the immune system like never before, cleans the liver and can reduce the effects of the free radicals.


  • 8 garlic cloves
  • 8 units of lemon
  • Ginger root (4-5 cm / 1.5 inches)
  • Water (4 liters / 135 oz)

How to make:

The first thing you need to do is wash and peel the ginger. Then, chop it in small bits. Do the exact same thing with the garlic. Afterwards, chop the lemons with their peel and put all of these ingredients in a blender. Blend them well together.

The next thing is to take a pan and put water to boil in it together with the mixture you blended. When the water starts boiling, remove it and leave it to cool for some time. Then, strain the liquid and store it in glass bottles.

Consume the drink every day, two hours before the first meal. After some time, you will begin to feel so much better, full of energy, with no need to take any pills, or visit a doctor!



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Written by Martin

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