With This 2 Ingredient Remedy Reduces Fats And Cholesterol


The whole world is amazed by this 2-ingredient remedy that reduces fats and cholesterol.

If you have an increased cholesterol levels or triglycerides, you can try this natural remedy that amazed a lot of people world wide.


For the best effect of this natural remedy, you need to prepare it at night before going to bed and consume it the next morning on an empty stomach.


  • 3 dried figs
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar

How to make:

Take the three dried figs and pierce them with a toothpick from all sides. In a glass container pour the apple cider vinegar and add the dried figs.

Let it stand overnight and in the morning eat the figs. Do not trow away the rest of the vinegar, use it to repeat the procedure in the next 7 days.

On the eighth day when preparing the remedy, trow away the old apple cider vinegar and replace it with new. Repeat the procedure for the next seven days. The entire treatment lasts two weeks.

Your body will be thankful.



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Written by Martin

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