Check The Iodine Levels In Your Body With This Simple Trick


From the healthy experts we often hear about iodine deficiency in our body. But, not every person is familiar with this health problem.


Along with the vitamin D and magnesium, iodine deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies. However, people often do not pay attention to it and consider it as minor problem. But, this is the biggest mistake. According to the experts, this element is crucial for many functions in our body.

This element is needed for production of the thyroid hormone. Moreover, it is very important for our metabolism, brain functions and fertility. Therefore, if we have deficiency in our body, we are exposed to dangerous risks. The most common problems that we can get are prostate cancer, thyroid disease, obesity and breast cancer. In addition, this element is linked to development delays and mental retardation among children. Therefore, we must be really careful and not to neglect this problem.

So, in order to take some measures, we must know the signs and symptoms for this deficiency. Some of them are excessive sweating, fatigue, insomnia and high blood pressure.

So, if you notice some of these symptoms, it is the best for you to visit your doctor. He is the most competent person who will give you a proper treatment.

Experts are recommending a simple test that you can do at your home and determine if you have iodine deficiency. At, night, apply a few drops of iodine on your elbow, before going to bed. Therefore, if your elbows are dry in the next morning, that means that your body has absorbed this element. So, it is a sign that you have deficiency in your body. As we mentioned before, the best way is to consult your doctor for further treatment.

According to the practitioners of the alternative medicine, walnuts shells are great for this situation. Put few walnut shells in a pot with water. Place the pot on fire and wait until the water boils. Now, before every meal, take one sip from this water. The results are great.

Note: Wash the walnuts well before doing this procedure!



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