Have This Plant In Your House And Get Rid Of Mice, Spiders And Other Insects



If you have a problem with mice, spiders, or other insects in your home, this will be the perfect solution for you!


Instead of using toxic chemicals that can be harmful for your kids and pets, use these natural methods and never see these pests in your home again.

Here’s what you can use to get rid of mice, spiders and other insects in your home:

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Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used for many things, and one of them is to repel insects. It has a very strongsmell that will disperse ants, mosquitoes, spidersand other insects.

All you have to do is mix one part vinegar with a little water in a bottle with a sprayer and spray around your house, especially at the doors, windows and other openings.

Mint plant

With it’s strong scent, mint is a well known, mice and insect repellent. So it’s not a bad idea having a small pot with this plant in your home.

Or you can use mint essential oil. In a spray bottle place water and add liquid dish washing detergentand 10 drops of mint essential oil. Check the smell for your self, if it’s not strong enough add few drops more.

The same as with apple cider vinegar, spray around the house especially at the doors, windows and other openings.


If you have lemon essential oil, do the same as with the previous two solutions. If not, you can always squeeze a fresh lemon juice and mix it with water.


Although it is unknown why spiders do not like chestnut, it has long been used to disperse them in England. Simply put a few chestnuts on the windows and other opening and your problem will be gone.



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