Fake Rice Is Everywhere, See How To Recognize Real Form Fake Rice


You’ve probably never thought that there is something like fake rice, but unfortunately there is and it’s shocking! According to researchers in Asia, there was a massive production of making fake rice. Every aspect of the investigation was shown in the news but people just couldn’t believe in that information. Our advice is to take a good look at what you’re buying!


Fake rice was found in China for the first time, then in Vietnam and India. All of them are countries where rice is a main meal. It can also be found in Indonesia and Europe nowadays, but the USA still doesn’t have it. Consumers have started to notice that even some brands have started using this kind of fake rice.

The fake rice is almost the same like the real one and you probably won’t be able to make a difference between the two types of rice. One thing is for sure: fake rice can cause a lot of stomach problems!

Serious digestive problems can appear because of the intake of fake rice can cause, so we all have to protect ourselves from it. Not eating rice every day can solve this problem. Some of the reports claim that fake rice is composed of potatoes and synthetic rest. Others claim that there are also some other chemicals in it. Fake rice can be found in the markets because people can’t tell the difference.

In Malaysia, the big markets have a really serious and strict control of the products, so fake rice is almost impossible to find. But a lot of small markets don’t undergo that control.

Many people have started to wonder how they can make a difference between real and fake rice.

Unfortunately, you can’t make a difference but you can choose not to eat it. You can discover something by boiling the rice. Keep an eye on the rice while you’re boiling it. Look at it and see whether it changes the form or not. Fake rice doesn’t change its form, while the real one changes it. You can also take rice in your hand and smell it. If it smells like plastics, it’s probably fake.



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