It’s Not Salt Or Sugar, This Is The White Poison We Eat Daily



If you thought that salt or sugar were bad for you, think again! You shouldn’t consume this ingredient, because is much worse than the salt or the sugar. We are talking about sodium glutamate E621 – an additive that is used in almost all foods and restaurants know him quite well. It is used to intensify the flavor of food. You should know that this white crystalline powder looks like salt and sugar. Its aqueous solution has taste of meat soup. It can be added to any food. Sodium glutamate leads to increased appetite, overeating and obesity.


The medical experts say that sodium glutamate is used to stimulate the cells in the brain. Well, this means that the effect is like a drug – this compound penetrates easily in the blood and brain and leads to a change in the genes responsible for the sense of taste. Many different products contain high amounts of sodium glutamate, such as: sausage, salami, frankfurters, chips, prepared soups, cans, beer and many others.

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Note: the recommended (safe) dosage is 1.5 grams in adults and not more than half a gram in children. Today the world is using about 200 thousand tons per year of this supplement. Symptoms of overdose E621, known Chinese restaurant syndrome, can be dizziness, migraine, visual disturbances, hormonal imbalance, nausea, weakness, dizziness, chest pain, and more.

You should also know that it was discovered in 1907 in Japan Ikeda Kikunae. Well, the researchers have discovered that this substance enhances the taste of food. It not only enhances the natural flavor of the products, but also improves the taste and aroma of canning, fast food, frozen products. This harmful and addictive substance is very popular in America and thanks to it, Americans buy more canned food. During the experiments, the researchers added sodium glutamate in the diet of mice and they lost their eyesight.

And you should be very careful, because one of the negative consequences of the use of sodium glutamate is that it affects the receptors of the tongue, which can exacerbate the perception of food. As we said, sodium glutamate makes the food so delicious. And sometimes, we can’t stop eating foods like chips, chocolates, prepared soups and more. It causes addictive and it is the reason why people prefer products that has it, and it is very beneficial for producers since it increases their sales.

The real and ugly truth is that all food manufacturers benefit from using E621, because this supplement reduces the cost of production and mask the low quality goods or production, which should be repealed. This means that you should be very careful when you buy your food, and read the information on the product packaging. You should avoid foods that contain this harmful substance. And you should always use natural spices in cooking.



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