How To Clear Toxins And Negative Energy From The Air In Your Home With These Oxygen Bomb



Some plants “soak in” carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Yes, you learned this in science classes. But, some plants do more than releasing oxygen. These clear filter the air in your home, and absorb dust and household chemicals.


Keep a few of these in your home to improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Air-Filtering Plants

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been long used for its healing properties, but this plat has a lot to offer. It is a sort of “oxygen bomb,” because it boosts the level of oxygen in the home.

Aloe Vera absorbs more carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide than any other plant. Given that it is a tropical plant, Aloe Vera needs enough light and proper drainage. And yes, remember, succulents do not need too much water. Keep the plant away from your pet, because it may cause vomiting.

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  1. Peace lily

This amazing plant removes formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and ammonia from the air. According to NASA, Peace Lily is on the top of the list of air-purifying plants. It likes shade and weekly watering to survive. Nothing fancy. Keep this plant away from your pets, too.

  1. Spider plant

It is a common houseplant, and it grows well in indirect sunlight. Spider plants eliminate gasoline, formaldehyde, styrene, and carbon monoxide in a 200 square meter area. The good thing is that spider plant does not require much effort.

  1. Estragon

Estragon does not need much light, it is resilient and easy to grow, which makes it one of the simplest plants to take care of.

  1. English Ivy

It has nothing to do with the poison ivy, people. English ivy eliminates over 60% of the toxins and 58% of feces particles in less than 6 hours. This plant should be exposed to direct sunlight for 4 or more hours, so make sure you keep it near your window. It can be toxic to pets.

  1. Chrysanthemum

It removes benzene, and 90% of formaldehyde in a day. It is a decorative plant, and you can keep it near your window so it can get enough sun. This will boost its purifying effect, and the buds will open easily.

  1. Golden pothos

It is the least destructible plant. You cannot destroy it unless you try it really hard. It is an excellent air-purifier, and it reduces the level of benzene and trichloroethylene in the air. Golden pothos needs bright, indirect light. It is not recommended for pet owners, as it may cause swellings in the pet’s mouth.

According to NASA, you should keep 15-18 plants in an area of 500 square meters, and at least one of these amazing plants in your bedroom. These will make your room look pretty, and you will breathe fresher air.



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