Here’s Why You Always Need To Sleep On The Left Side Of The Body


Maybe you will not believe, but it does really matter on which side of your body you are while you are sleeping. It will give you great results if you sleep on your left side, because the body will work better if you are flipped on that side.


Left side is great for the skin complex and the most of all the digestion.

A lot of scientists are recommending sleeping on the left side, because a lot of studies proved that to be true. In case you sleep on the right side is bad for digestion, in case you sleep on your bask is bad for the asthmatics.

If you sleep on your left side your heart will pump the blood great, the spleen carries its function properly and the digestive tract will digest great.

Dr. John Duillard is the one who will explain you the benefits which you will gain in case you sleep on the left side.

In addition we are going to present you his speaking video. Check it you won’t regret it



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Written by Martin

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