The Most Powerful And Healing Mixture Against Osteoporosis


It is a fact that osteoporosis on the neck is difficult to be treated however, that does not mean it is impossible



– 10 tablespoons of sea salt

– 20 tablespoons of unrefined vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil)

How to make:

Place the vegetable oil and sea salt in a glass jar and stir them well. Close the jar and store it for several days until you get a bright mixture.

How to use:

Apply the prepared remedy on the places where you feel the pain of the cervical vertebrae, every morning by vigorous massaging. Initially the massage should last for 2 to 3 minutes. Every day you need to add another 2-3 minutes to the duration of the massage until you reach 20 minutes of massage.

After completing the massage, wipe the neck it with a wet and warm towel. In implementing such procedures you may cause slight skin irritation. Later on, after the massage, wipe the skin with a dry cloth and sprinkle it with baby powder.

As a result of the 10-day treatment you will stimulate blood circulation, enhance muscle regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue. Radical changes can be noticed after 8-10 procedures.

Blood flow to the cervical spine is restores, headaches disappear and vision is improved. This is related to the fact that the body gets rid of toxins, which in turn normalizes metabolism.

The treatment of osteohondroz should be fast flowing without any kind of side effects and gives excellent results, but in the process of cleansing you can feel some drowsiness or dizziness, but it happens very rarely.



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Written by Martin

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