Baking Soda Is Very Useful, But Don’t Use It In These Situations


You probably know of many fabulous baking soda purposes that go beyond the need for its culinary. These foods, among other things, can help to maintain hygiene in the household and beauty care. However, in some situations, however, should be avoided.


Here, when soda is not the ideal solution

1. Do you often suffer from heartburn? Sodium bicarbonate is in these situations is extremely effective cure, but should not be exaggerated. If you often plague these problems, however, consult a doctor.

2. Although the soda excellent for household cleaning, do not use the containers made of aluminum. There may be adverse effects on the vessels may appear stains.

3. If you put just open a bag of baking soda in the refrigerator and pouring it into the bowl, will not be so effective in neutralizing odors. For best effect it is necessary to sprinkle the soda through a tray and keep it on a shelf of the refrigerator.

However, this will take up a large area in the refrigerator and will be less room for other foods.

4. You probably know that you can use baking soda to extinguish oil on fire. However, this is not a simple procedure. Even if you close a large amount of baking soda, there is a safe distance from which you can sprinkle a barrel after a pan or pot on fire.

Therefore, forget about this part of baking soda and obtain an efficient fire extinguisher that will always be at hand.

5. Baking soda has numerous useful applications in body care. However, since the alkaline substance is not recommended for the treatment of acne. The soda eliminates the natural acids in the skin, thus creating favorable conditions for the spread of acne.

6. May appear similar, or bicarbonate of soda and baking powder do not have the same effect. Both products generate carbon dioxide under certain conditions, which provide excellent texture pastries. However, baking soda reacts with acids that are already in the food. On the other hand, the baking powder in it has the acid.



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