With This Herb Improve Your Eyesight Even If You Are Older Then 70


The natural treatment for all eye related problems was Eyebright plant. This plant was first used by the Roman people and they give it the name under the migrate Euphrosyini.  This plant has great influence and cured everyone with eye sight problems.


The plant is long which is going to increase to 8 inches tall, has deep cut leaves and blossoms white or purple. Its season was somewhere between the July and September.

During the blooming stage in the plant is made an extract. The liquid has the best properties which you will need in order to eliminate the eye problem.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the benefits from this plant.

  • stops eye infections
  • kills eye viruses and bacteria
  • reduces eye dryness and pain
  • decreases eye inflammation

It is recommended in case of grown up for 2-4 grams of dried herb thrice a day.

Furthermore, we are going to present you the preparation of the tea.

First you need to combine 200 mil boiling water and add 2 tsp. dry eyebright. The water need to get soaked for 15 minutes and you need to mix occasionally.  In case you are using the tea like eye drops, it is recommended from 1 to 5 drops daily.



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