Red Bananas, Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits


Bananas are the world’s most famous fruits and the most consumed. You need to know that they will provide you the best benefits which you can’t even imagine. It also presents the fruit with the largest tree in the world. It will re grows every year. They also contain three natural sugars fructose, sucrose and glucose which are combined with fiber.


Also it is constructed from 11 minerals, 6 vitamins. In case you didn’t know there are 5 different types of bananas, not like the yellow sweet banana.

In this post we are going o present you the red banana. In case you haven’t heard about these, now we will explain.

It is sweeter than the ordinary banana. It is similar to the ordinary banana, but they taste more like raspberries in the same time. They come from Costa Rica and the most favorite are in the Central America, Mexico and Australia.

They have purple skin and has creamy texture in cream to slightly pink color. They are rich n beta carotene and also have aroma which is just like strawberries.

They have dark red color, and has several brown spots. In case it is too soft you shouldn’t consume it because it may have developed different types of bacteria which can be transmitted to you. This fruit is very rich in nutrients and have also large amounts of potassium, vitamin C and beta carotene.

You need to know that only normal red bananas contain 400mg potassium. One medium banana is full wth15% of the body’s needs of Vitamin C, daily.

It has great anti-oxidant properties which will help you to keep yourself prevented from cancer, and different serious diseases.

Also they are rich in fiber which will help you to consume of 16% of the daily need of fiber, only in one medium sized red banana. You will eliminate the risk of developing diabetes type 2. Aromatic red bananas have a unique flavor, similar to the flavor of their cousin, yellow bananas, but mixed with the taste of some raspberries. This fruit is excellent addition to fruit salads, your favorite ice cream bowl or the popular banana split. You can eat it raw, but also it is very tasteful if you use it dried.

They are delicious fruits which are sweeter than regular bananas which we are consuming every day, and plus you can use it after 9 months.



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