Do You Have A Spot On Your Iris, Here’s What It Means


If the eyes are the mirror of a person’s health, then what do iris spots mean? Unfortunately, nothing good.


These small brown, red or green spots are also known as psora spots and they indicate that the body has a higher level of toxins in it, which are mostly found in the environment around us or the prescribed medications we use for longer periods.

Luckily, these spots can be shrunk in size and numbers and be made to disappear with a proper medical attention, time, and suitable detoxification measures. However, once they do disappear, this will not mean that the affected body part is finally cleansed from toxins.

That’s why it’s always good to regularly detoxify your body. One solution would be to use Acidophilus supplements, which help the body eliminate dangerous bacteria and toxins faster.

But before you decide to take matters into your hands, consult your physician to ensure that the detox method you plan on using isn’t dangerous to your unique organism.



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Written by Martin

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