Doctors Can’t Believe, This Man Cured Himself From Cancer With Wheat Grass


Danny MacDonald was surprised and terrified in the same moment when he found out that he suffers from cancer. Moreover, the doctors said to him that he has only 3 months left.


However, this brave man has decided to refuse the standard chemotherapy process. Moreover, he has refused all medications that the doctors told him to take. Instead of that, he has decided to treat himself with wheat grass. However, this is another example that every disease can be treated naturally.

4 years from that date, Mr. MacDonald is healthy and looks great thanks to his daily routine. He has decided to treat himself with wheat grass. However, he was investigating deeply about the properties that this herb contains. So, after some surveys and advices from his friends and family, he has decided to start with his treatment. Furthermore, we will talk about the nutritive effects of this natural herb.

So, it is perfect if the wheat grass is grown in organic conditions. This is because with this procedure, this herb retains 83 from the 93 minerals that are presented in the soil. Moreover, experts are saying that 1 teaspoon of wheat grass contains more nutrients than ½ kg of vegetables or fruits. If we start talking about all the healthy nutrients that are contained in this herb, we will need few more articles to write. Therefore, we will now separate just the most important ones, and in some other article, we will give some more detailed explanations.


The leaves of wheat grass are filled with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These leaves have specific nutritive compound and therefore are much beneficial for our skin, nails and hair. Moreover, due to all these nutrients, it is a perfect ally in the fight against all kinds of cancer. It will also improve our digestion system and will boost up our immunity.

The taste of this drink is not so tasty. So, you can combine it with other natural juice. Due to the strong taste and many nutrients, you should start by consuming 1 teaspoon (3 grams) of this powder. After 1 week, you can increase the dose up to 2 teaspoons (6 grams) per day.



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