What Should You Do If You Have These Red Spots On Various Parts Of Your Body, Should You Worry



Certain skin marks or stains that do not really know whether they are good or bad usually appear. For example, we now know that moles are harmless small stains.


However, there are certain spots on the skin that are not common moles, but these are red and usually occur in people who hover between 40 and 45 years of age, although this is not limiting and may appear some of these red dots in adolescence or childhood.

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The color is what causes greater curiosity in the people that appears to them, many do not care but most seems unsightly, so much so that many attending surgeons and doctors to remove the skin.

Its common name is “ruby points” obviously by their color, but what are these points really and how we could remove them without surgery? Red spots on the skin are small capillary dilations due to failures in the vascular system, these usually occur in the arms and chest.

There are two opinions, some experts say is something like varicose veins but perpendicular to the skin, rather than in parallel, as with these. On the other hand, ensures and concrete that are small benign tumors.

Should there be concern about the red dots? How to remove them?

As just mentioned, these are benign tumors, ie, non-carcinogenic or something like nature, there is nothing to worry about. However despite that often have no risk to our health, some see these little points as uncomfortable every time you wish to neckline or tank tops.



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