Press These Meridian-line Points On Your Body And Never Feel Sick Or Tired Again


Chronic fatigue includes several symptoms that cannot be associated with other medical condition. How can you know if you are dealing with chronic fatigue? Even proper rest cannot improve it.


As we already said, chronic fatigue is not caused by a single factor. It is triggered by hormonal imbalances, viral infections, or issues with the immune system.

Common symptoms of chronic fatigue

  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Moving joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Unusual headaches
  • Sleep that does not make you feel better
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Sore throat
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck/armpits
  • Unexplained depression (followed by social isolation)
  • Being exhausted more than usual after your workout or mental stress

The meridian lines can help you treat chronic fatigue

Meridian lines, or the “energy pathways/highways,” keeps chee energy flow in the system. These lines go across the entire body, and can be regulated by particular acupuncture points.

Experts at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences say that meridian “helps us to understand how basic substances of the body (Qi, blood and body fluids) permeate the whole body.”

People have used the fact that meridian lines are associated with the energetic distribution network of energetic manifestation to treat chronic fatigue.

Fatigue and the Triple Warmer

Practitioners of Ancient Chinese Medicine say that the energy line that passes right behind the ear is associated with depression and chronic fatigue. It is called the “Triple Warmer.” This energy does not correspond to one particular organ, but involves every organ in the body, and regulates the connection between the hormonal distribution systems.

“Triple Warmer” is the name for the connection between your body, mind and spirit. It regulates heat and water channels in the body. When the triple warmer is over-energized, it sort of attacks the body and you deal with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

We give you 2 self-help techniques to soothe the Triple Warmer and treat fatigue:

Technique 1

Place the fingers of your left hand under your left knee, and the right fingers right above your left elbow. Can you notice the pulse in both spots?

Holt the two spots, and you will feel how the two pulses are synchronized. If you cannot find the pulses, hold your fingers on the spots for a few more minutes.

Repeat the same step on the right part of your body, and hold the fingers on until your pulses synchronize.

Technique 2

Place your left fingers on the indent at the outside part of your left baby toe, and hold your right fingers on the point between your little and ring finger. Hold your fingers on both spots until you notice that the pulses have synchronized.

Repeat the same step with the other side of your body. This means you have to put the right hand on your right baby toe, and your left hand at the base knuckles on your right hand.



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