He Cracks Eggs Into An Old Ice Cube Tray, What Happen Next Will Amaze You




Everyone knows that freezing food dramatically extends its lifespan. Most people do not realize just how much longer food will last if it is kept in the freezer.


For example, milk can last up to two months in the freezer. Coffee creamer lasts for six months.Some foods require minor prep before they can be frozen.

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Bagged shredded cheese can be easily tossed in the freezer, but solid blocks need to be shredded first. It will crumble and become useless when it is thawed. Salted butter stays fresh when frozen for six months though it needs to be kept away from foods with strong smells or spices to prevent the flavors from transferring.

Regular yogurt does not freeze well, but Greek yogurt does. It needs to be stirred after it is thawed. Alternately, it can be eaten while it is still frozen; no flavor or texture is lost. Another trick for Greek yogurt is to freeze it in an ice-cube tray. This way, it will be ready the next time you make smoothies.

Cream cheese can be frozen, but there will be changes in the texture, so only freeze it if it is going to be used in a dip or some other recipe. Eggs can be frozen in an ice cube tray and then transferred to a freezer bag for easy storage. These frozen eggs are great for baking.

Storing dairy products and eggs in the freezer is a great way to keep perishable items handy. You will never find yourself out of key baking ingredients if your freezer is always stocked with these basics.



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