Heal Burns, Scars And Stretch With These Kitchen Ingredients


If you have any kind of scars on the body, including the stretch, this is the medicine that you need.

There are few ways to heal the scars. These are the ingredients that you have in your kitchen.


  1. Egg white

The use of egg whites can prevent scarring from burns, but also treat existing.

  1. Honey

The use of honey can reduce the time it takes to heal.

  1. Raw potato

Raw potato contains potassium, sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine, all of which make it a good scar home remedy.


So, if you have scars or burns, take the egg and apply it directly on the scar every night before sleeping. In the morning make a paste of honey and grated potato and apply it again on the scar.

Repeat the treatment until the scars heal.



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Written by Martin

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