23 Facts About Left-Handed People That You Didn’t Know About, Last One Will Surprise You


We all have some left handed people in our life.  What is that makes someone left handed? Medical experts actually do not know but genetics play a huge role.  No actual ‘leftie genes’ have been discovered, but we do know there are often many lefties in one family group, indicating it is genetic.

Child using left hand to write numbers on red paper with black felt tip pen

The world we live in is a right handed world.  It shouldn’t be, it is only because there are more right handed people. Lefties have to continuously adapt to the right handed world.

But – lefties are pretty special. They are often more independent and able to adapt easily, probably because they have had little choice.

Here are some amazing facts about lefties:

  1. 5 – 10% of the population are left handed
  2. Lefties use the right side of their brain
  3. Lefties are agile and good at sport
  4. Lefties are prone to alcoholism, more so than right handed people.
  5. Left comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘lyft’ which means weak or broken.
  6. Left handed people re usually creative.
  7. Left handed people go on to be 26% richer than their right handed colleagues.
  8. Several presidents of the United States have been left handed.
  9. Left handed people tend to reach puberty later than right handed people.
  10. Cats and mice are neither left nor right handed.
  11. One of the four Apollo astronauts was left handed.
  12. Left handed people used to be seen as different.  Today they are seen as creative, musical, interesting and independent.
  13. Women who give birth in their forties are more likely to have left handed babies than younger pregnant mothers.
  14. Almost 30 million people in the USA are left handed.
  15. Lefties are good at maths and architecture and have good spatial awareness intuition. 
  16. Lefties have a day to celebrate lefties!  August 13 is International left handers day.
  17. Left handedness runs in families. The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth 11, Prince Charles and Prince William are all lefties.
  18. Lefties often suffer from insomnia.
  19. Some of the most dangerous people have been lefties.  Osama Bin Laden, the Boston Strangler and Jack the Ripper were all lefties.
  20. Lefties are often emotional.  Look at John McEnroe who was a leftie. They are prone to emotional outbursts.
  21. Lefties can be more prone to allergies and asthma.
  22. Some of the most fashionable words can be typed using only the left hand – sweater and dresses!
  23. Lefties can often see better under the water than anybody else.

Most importantly, lefties are just like anybody else.  But things can be harder for them in this right handed dominated world.



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Written by Martin

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