All Diseases Come Through Your Legs, See How To Detoxify Your Body From All The Toxins


People should be aware of the fact that all diseases come through our legs, which is why we need to pay more attention to them and try to keep them safe. In order to do that, you should prepare this incredible coating in the evening and place it on your feet before bedtime. The coating will work throughout the whole night.


The coating will help you improve your blood circulation because it is antibacterial, and it will also help you eject all the impurities from your body.

Onion is the main ingredient of this coating and it purifies the blood because it penetrates through the skin deeply into the bloodstream.

The process of preparing this amazing coating is very simply, all you have to do is to cut the onion into thin slices and wait for several minutes, or until the onion juice appears on the onion slices. After that, place these slices of onion on your feet, wrap them in a transparent foil and put on some thick socks.

Use wool socks if you want to warm your feet. The best part about this coating is that you won’t notice any unpleasent smells.

Make sure to apply some greasy cream or almond oil on your feet before applying the coating if your skin is too sensitive to onions.

The next morning, when you wake up, take off your socks and remove the coating. After that, use cold water to wash your feet and then put on some wool socks in order to warm them. As a result of this coating, your blood will begin to circulate very quickly. People who have diabetes and poor circulation will get the best benefits from this coating.

Even though this method is recommended to those who have certain health problems, healthy people can use it as well. You should also apply this method when you have the flu, pneumonia and fever.



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Written by Martin

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