You’ll Never Throw Away Pickle Juice After Reading This


Pickle juice typically contains vinegar, garlic, onion, salt, and sugar, but it sometimes contains turmeric, cloves, celery seed, and dill.  Besides preserving the veggie fresh, pickle juice provides a wide variety of health benefits.


Eases heartburn

Heartburn occurs after eating something acidic or spice. The vinegar in pickle juice supports the production of more natural antacids which in turn balances the acidity in the body and thus eases the heartburn.

Soothes sunburn

Besides aloe vera gel, which works wonders for sunburn,  pickle juice also helps soothe itching or stinging.  The vinegar and salt in the juice relieve the stinging sensation in a matter of seconds!

Relaxes the muscles

Electrolytes are micronutrients which carry and electric charge and are of utmost importance for everyone, especially for those who workout frequently and lose them through sweating.  Lack of electrolytes causes muscle cramps.  Pickle juice is an excellent source of electrolytes, meaning that only a few spoonfuls of pickle juice diluted in water help relax the muscles almost instantly.

Treats sore throat

Gargling warm salt water works wonders when it comes to sore throat as it balances your pH levels and destroys germs.  Pickle juice provides the same effect, with the additional benefits of vinegar.

Adds flavor

Add some veggies like broccoli, red onions, or carrots in a jar of pickle juice and leave them overnight. This simple trick adds flavor and unique zesty taste!

Fertilizes plants

Many plants, including rhododendrons and hydrangeas need acidic soil to grow.  Hydrangeas are usually blue, but they change their color depending on the pH level of the soil.  Using pickle juicehelps them grow and adds color to your garden as it gives them purple color.

Cleans copper pans

Acetic acid in the vinegar penetrates deeply in the grime while the acid and salt react to bring them their original shine. So, the next time you find it difficult to clean the copper pan, simply apply some pickle juice and remove the dull color and char.

Drinking pickle juice doesn’t cause any real or serious side effects, but there are some conditions which may be worsened by it. Apart from those conditions, pickle juice is a completely safe way to improve your health.

-Avoid pickle juice in case you have gout or a family history of gout. This is very important as drinking pickle juice may cause uric acid build up.

-Avoid pickle juice if you are on a low sodium diet

-The acidity of the pickle juice may interfere with certain medications, so make sure you consult your doctor or pharmacist before using it.



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