These 5 Signs Show That You May Have Kidney Disease


In case you struggle with the kidney disease you will have certain pains. The pain which is caused by the kidney is the same for all sufferers.

In case you struggle with kidney disease the whole organism is in danger.


If the kidney is not functioning properly, the toxins won’t be eliminated and they will stay in the organism and contaminate the whole body which will lead to different body disabilities.

In case your kidneys are not working properly, you will have certain symptoms. You need to take care of the symptoms that your organism is sending you.

1. Urinary disorders

In case your urine is obstructed that means that you have certain kidney problems. If you urinate often than you did that before, than you need to go and visit your doctor. Also if you have dark urine, you are full with toxins, if it is pale than it is normal.

2. Swelling in certain parts of the body.

In case you are filled with toxins you will have certain swelling into your arms, legs and etc.

3. Pain in the lower back

If you struggle with the pain in the lower back you are struggling with your kidneys dysfunction.

Also you will be intense when you sleep.

4. Dryness, rush, itchy skin

If the renal function is disturbed, toxins accumulate in the blood, resulting in skin dryness, a persistent itching, and rash. These skin issues are important symptoms of a disturbed renal function, so you should never ignore them, nor treat them with some ointments and creams. Visit your doctor as soon as possible instead.

5. Fatigues

In case you have fatigue you may be struggling with your kidney dysfunction. Due to the vital function of the kidneys for the entire body, their functionality should be maintained.  In order to restore the proper function, you may need to make some changes in your lifestyle and diet, and start consuming healthy foods, but avoid cadmium-rich products.

In order to eliminate the toxins from your body you will need to consume natural juices and teas from cranberries and corn silk and etc.



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Written by Martin

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