Five Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top Right At Home


Muffin tops are those extra fat deposits around your belly and waist that usually hang over the top of your trousers.

Here are five recommended exercises to help you get rid of this condition.


  1. Try Out The High Plank

– In a push-position lay on the floor.

– Tighten your buttocks and raise yourself into a plank position.

– Keep this posture for 15 minutes.

– Lower your body back to the floor and repeat this exercise 10 times for best results.

  1. Do The Lunge Reach

– In a standing position, spread out your feet at about a hips width.

– Slightly bend your knees with your arms at your side.

– Lunge forward with your left leg and raise your arms above your head.

– To return push off your left leg.

– Try out the lunge 16 times, do this by switching sides.

  1. Try The Hands-Up Hop

– In a standing position, spread your feet apart at a hips width then slightly bend your knees.

– Put your hands on your hips, then raise your right knee, then take a step forward with your left foot.

– Keep your hands extended over your head, then hop straight up with your left leg.

– Then make sure you land with your feet close together with your hands on your hips.

– Try this exercise 20 times, do this by switching sides.

  1. Do The Squat Jump

– Stand on your feet and spread them at about a shoulder width apart.

– Slightly bend your knees and place your hands by your side.

– Then lift your arms over your head and squat.

– You should then jump up straight.

– Bring down your hands to your side, then land in a squat.

– Try this exercise 12 times.

  1. Do The Lunge Jump

– Start by bending your left leg, then put your arms over your head in a lunge position.

– You should then jump up then switch your legs mid-air.

– Land with your right leg to your front in a lunge position.

– Try this exercise 12 times by switching sides.



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Written by Martin

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