She Eats 50 Bananas Per Day, Today Her Body Looks Unrecognizable



One of the girls who have done good job is Evangellina Mantzioris, presents a nutritionist and claims that the diet regimes are not good for the body. It will make your body more difficult process for eliminating the extra pounds.


The diets are bad because they will eliminate the best benefits from the foods which are calcium, fats and vitamins.

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“Raw till 4” diet is not supported by scientific facts, but its result is not in any way substantiated. Fruit is extremely important for nutrition, but only two servings a day are enough.

She consumes only raw ingredients like fruits and vegetables and for dinner she is vegan, consumes vegan meal with a lot of carbohydrates.

She also consumed 50 bananas per day and also eliminates 20 kg, which inspired a lot of women.


Source: healthherbs365


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